Crowdfund with Us

Looking for new ways to raise funds? Want to engage younger, more tech savvy audiences in your cause?

Or maybe you have launched a neighborhood project and you'd like to rally the community behind it.

Well, consider this: You can create your own alternative crowd funding, cause marketing campaign with PIPs (Positive Impact Points).

It's easy. Simply submit a query below telling us about your cause or community project. Let us know what positive benefit you hope to generate.

Once approved, we'll:

  • Create a unique profile of your cause/project for our USE (redemption) catalog.
  • Work with you to create a marketing strategy (including content, social media, contests and games) that galvanizes both our bases to earn PIPs for your cause/project.

Your cause will enjoy the:

  • NETWORK EFFECT of a multi-brand positive impact marketplace.
  • PREFERENTIAL STATUS in PIPs content and social media marketing.
  • Access to a GROWING AUDIENCE of mindful consumers.
  • MONTHLY DONATIONS (including all pledges) from PIPs members, along with detailed analytics on all donations.

Your friends, donors, and future donors will:

  • Find lots of great ways to earn PIPs in our unique 'rewarding better marketplace'.
  • Enjoy the many game features, quizzes and group challenges (such as your campaign) that make PIPs continuously engaging.

Note: There are no direct fees for NGOs/causes to be included in PIPs Use catalog; the NGO or project organizers agree to direct marketing resources (earned and paid media, as well as social media, print and e-mail notifications, etc) to promote the campaign. Certain games, contests, etc may require additional sponsor support.

Have we PIP'd your interest? Please submit a short query: