PIPs or 'positive impact points' is the ONE social good rewards currency earned and redeemed exclusively for making meaningful and measurable better choices.

You EARN PIPs making better choices - Going paperless, buying responsibly, volunteering, donating, sharing, making home & self improvements, etc.

And USE PIPs making better happen - purchasing quality products, services and experiences; donating, micro-investing and crowd funding community projects.

PIPs delivers 360 degrees of good; whether earning or using PIPs, all actions positively impact the environment, community, and/or mind & body.

Mostly by making a lot of the positive impact choices you're already making, but perhaps, taking it up a notch or two.

Here is a sampling of the sorts of actions for which you can earn PIPs:

  • Making smart shopping choices, including for food and beverages that are third party certified, responsibly sourced, or local
  • Reducing, reusing, recycling and repairing
  • Sharing, lending and swapping
  • Reducing waste of energy, water and materials
  • Choosing renewable energy
  • Purchasing carbon offsets
  • Bringing reusable bags to the store
  • Switching to e-billing
  • Walking, biking
  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Micro-investing

As we said above, "360° of good" defines our marketplace, meaning PIPs are earned and used exclusively for making meaningful and measurably better choices. So you are not going to find schlock in our USE catalog. Instead you'll find:

  • TopTenUSA rated electronics and appliances
  • 3rd Party certified household products
  • Locally manufactured food and home goods
  • Responsibly sourced clothing and accessories
  • Top rated charities where you can donate your PIPs
  • Micro-investing and crowd-funding opportunities
  • Award winning apps for kids
  • Smart gadgets
  • Quantified self apps
  • Brain training programs
  • Plus cool experiences

Absolutely! We are always on the lookout for innovative new products, services, sharing opportunities, self-tracking apps, experiences, and causes. Please alert us to any that you believe have positive impact on mind & body, community and the environment. We'll review your suggestions and include in our "rewarding better" catalog whenever possible.

The PIPs platform also can be used to crowd fund community-scale projects. If you have a project you would like to crowd fund with PIPs, please let us know.

Send all ideas to ideas@pipsrewards.com.

PIPs are awarded by the PIPs Team and by our partners for a wide range of actions that positively impact personal, community and planetary health from riding the bus, taking a fitness class and volunteering to participating in the sharing economy or purchasing an up-cycled product. As a consequence, there is no one rating system by which to compare them all.

In order to narrow in on those actions that are both measurable and meaningful, we developed a system of constraints to our selection process.A key constraint we put on PIPs worthy actions is that they must be verifiable, meaning we will only award PIPs for actions that can be digitally recorded or tracked using smart phones, smart meters, quantified self apps, sensors, NFCs, e-payment platforms, QR Codes, transaction reports, etc.

We also consider favorably those actions which help reduce an individual’s and/or an institutions carbon emissions; hence taking public transit, biking carpooling, recycling, refilling water bottles, reducing food waste, saving energy, etc.

For the many products, services and organizations we include in our catalogs, we consider whether they have been vetted by a third-party certifier, or have been compared/rated against recognized standards that were developed and are accepted by experts. As no rating system is 100 percent fool proof, we conduct a literature review on products and entities to help us evaluate their positive impact. In this chart , we list the rating systems on which PIPS relies.

Yes, 3P Partners, Inc, the creators of PIPs, is a benefit corporation in the State of New York.

What distinguishes a benefit corporation from other corporate entities? Unlike C Corporations, where by law, directors must consider profits before social benefit; or non-profit corporations, which are precluded from returning profits to donors, a benefit corporation is a for-profit entity that is required to consider society and the environment in addition to profit in their decision making process.

To that end, 3P Partners is required to prepare an annual benefit report for delivery to its shareholders. The report includes an assessment of the company's performance relative to its general public benefit purpose against a third-party standard. The section of the report containing the assessment must also be posted to 3P's web site and filed with the New York Department of State.

3P Partners Benefit Report 2018 is here.

Of course not! In fact, you get PIPs (Positive Impact Points) just for joining!

And once inside PIPs 'world of good', you'll find it's not unlike a treasure hunt with every action unlocking even more PIPs reward points. We've partnered with the most responsible companies and NGOs (100+) so that you can earn rewards on every positive impact action you make simply by clicking through pipsrewards.com to their online store, service center or activist site before taking your action.

You can use those PIPs in countless ways - to download music or books, for discounts on everything from cool new gadgets to fitness club memberships and responsibly made products. You can also pool your PIPs and donate them to a cause of your choice or micro-invest them in awesome projects locally and globally. It's a total win-win - good in, good out.

I just purchased some eco-friendly toilet paper, kitty litter and gluten-free snacks from Vine and racked up 275 PIPs.

What I really love about the PIPs Rewards platform is I can set up an auto-pledge so that a portion of the PIPs I earn is automatically set aside for a charity of my choosing. I set it up to give 10% of all the PIPs I earn to Fair Food Program. It's great: My regular PIPs activity adds up and Fair Food Programreaps the benefits. Oh, I benefit too, with a double jolt of good karma.

Some members have noticed that certain products in the PIPs Rewards catalog cost more than they cost elsewhere. We do the best we can to find the best deals on products featured in our catalog, but we are limited in some cases by the affiliate programs with which we partner. Can't really explain it but Amazon, for example, won't let us award PIPs to shoppers we direct to them. So we have no Amazon products in our Earn catalog.

We can't stop you from seeking the lowest price on a product you need, but hope you'll see the value in what the PIPs platform offers. We curate all our offerings so you know that this action or that service delivers a positive impact. In addition, we do everything we can to provide you with products at the best price. And we also offer many of those same products in our redemption catalog, often at discount, so you can really save when using your PIPs to purchase them.

Hope you'll agree PIPs Rewards really delivers on value to you and the planet.

Here you are sitting on a big pile of PIPs that you worked super hard to earn. You bought holiday presents, you signed up for solar panels, answered a ton of trivia questions and downloaded the Moves app. Well, don't just sit on them. Time to complete the circle of PIPs, my friend. Keep the good karma flowing. Donate them!

PIPs redeem catalogue has dozens of NGOs to choose from and donating is easy. Pick from organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Trickle Up, or All Out. Or let us know of a reputable organization to which you'd like to give your PIPs, and we'll add it to our catalog.

Figure out how much you would like to donate (starting with 500 PIPs), use the selector to set the amount and click "Proceed With Donation." Remember 1 PIP = 1 penny.

You now have a chance to review your donation. When you are ready, click the "Complete Donation" button. Your Tally will go down by that amount, and you'll get an email from us confirming the dollar value of the gift you have committed to make to the named charity. Unless you chose for your gift to be anonymous, a copy of this email will go to the charity. You should receive an acknowledgement of your gift once it has been received and processed.

What's great about our platform is that even if you have a zero balance in your PIPs' Tally, you can use our simple slide tool to pledge a percentage (from 1-100%) of future earned PIPs to a charity of your choice. Then every time you earn more PIPs, that percentage is set aside for the charity you selected.

You can adjust the percentage whenever you like. You can also pledge to multiple organizations. We'll keep track of your pledges so you don't pledge more than 100% of what you earn.

All donations (and pledges) are tallied at the end of each month, and as long as the total to an NGO exceeds $10, the funds are distributed. Otherwise, they are carried over and bundled in with the next month's donations.

Pretty simple, right? And you never even opened a checkbook or pulled out a credit card.

You don't need location services to be on to scan QRs, but you do to log bus rides because beacons work as a part of location services and it won't work without 'Always' location permissions.

You need location services turned on for this app in order to:

  • to be notified about near check-in locations
  • to log bus ride
  • to earn any beacon
  • to solve the clue within Scavenger Hunt challenge

So remember: to earn for these actions, be sure to select 'Allow aways' for the PIPs Rewards app in your device settings.

No, it doesn't. Your device is not scanning for beacons or other devices if you are not logged in, even if you gave all permissions and your Bluetooth is turned on. Also, to reward you for any action you should be logged in.

Assuming the app is minimized, it still runs in background. As you selected 'While using the app' the system warns you that it still uses your location. That's native iOS system behavior and yes, pretty annoying visually, but unfortunately PIPs developers can't affect it.