Fitness Challenge

Turn fitness into a
fun, social and rewarding game with PIPs FITNESS CHALLENGE


Being fit and healthy does more that just boost someone's looks. Even moderate physical activity has been shown to offers big benefits, including better immunity, healthier body weight, improved sleep and even a sharper mind.

Engagement in wellness programs has also been shown to deepen sense of satisfaction with one's workplace or school, lowering absenteeism and increasing productivity and retention.


PIPs' award-winning platform leverages the power of smart tech, games and rewards to prompt people to make better, healthier, more responsible everyday choices.

Utilizing data intelligence, gathered via tracking apps and devices, and applying principles of behavioral psychology, PIPs Fitness Challenge turns increased daily physical activity among groups of of employees, moms, seniors, youths, into a fun, social, and rewarding game.

Game & rewards:

Two of the most powerful drivers of behavior change


Secure integration with tracking technology (devices or apps) makes it easy to verify daily activity and measure improvement

Behavioral drivers and game features surprise & delight, nudge and encourage - amping up engagement among all players, no matter their base activity level

Values aligned rewards reinforce behavior change


PIPs (which stands for Positive Impact Points) is the social good currency earned by Fitness Challenge players. PIPs can be:

REDEEMED for great deals on a wide variety of beneficial (or positive impact) products, services and experiences, such as farm to table eateries, fitness classes and responsibly made goods.

DONATED to a cause. Players can decide as individuals, teams or in coordination with the hosting enterprise to donate a minimum of 25% of the PIPs they earn to a designated charity.

Players access these opportunities via the PIPs Reward mobile app or the web platform at


A typical PIPs Fitness Challenge runs for three months (proven optimal length).
PIPs Rewards will share best practices on team formation, team size, messaging, prizes and more.


Set-up Fee

One-time launch fee that covers the implementation defined above

Platform Fee

Tiered pricing based upon the number of participants and the length of the term (range of $45-75/player/quarter).

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