May 2022: Medium
Where Valuing the “Good They Do” Helps Narrow the Persistence Gap
By Wendy Gordon

April 2022: Medium
PIPs for School Scholar: Chrisber Vasquez
By Mikayla Zeitlin

April 2022: Medium
PIPs for School Scholar: Dawn Lugo
By Mikayla Zeitlin

April 2022: Medium
PIPs for School Scholar Sammi Zheng
By Wendy Gordon

March 2022: PIPs Education Fund
2021 PIPs Education Fund Annual Report
By Wendy Gordon

March 2022: Medium
CU Students Learn the Power of Engagement through PIPs
By Wendy Gordon

February 2022: Medium
We Have the Power to Change Things
By Wendy Gordon

January 2022: Medium
PIPs’ Walking Challenge Steps Up Fitness with Fun
By Mikayla Zeitlin and Wendy Gordon

November 2021: Medium
Students Credit PIPs for Increased Sense of Agency
By Wendy Gordon

August 2021: Medium
Spiral: New FinTech Company Puts the Heart in Banking
By Mikayla Zeitlin

July 2021: Medium
New “Action-to-Study” Program Turns “Doing Good” in One’s Community into Grants for School
By Wendy Gordon

June 2021: Medium Makes Binge-Watching Good for You
By Ilya Lyashevsky and Melissa Cesarano

April 2021: Medium
Training an App to Know When You Are Riding a Bus
By Adrienne Jan

March 2021: UCCS Communique
Earth Month: Students can earn scholarships for sustainability
By Anna Squires

March 2021: Medium
Why reward people for doing things they should be doing anyway?
By Wendy Gordon

October 2020:
Can you really change behavior with an app? - AASHE Presentation 2020
By Jennifer Ballinger and Ryan Maikell

February 24, 2020: Denver Post
Colorado colleges back programs to make students better people
by Elizabeth Hernandez

October 11, 2019:
Method to the Madness host Lisa Kiefer speaks with Ashley Grosh of PIPS Rewards

October 2, 2019:
Students can earn money for their tuition...

September 19, 2019:
Certified B Corp's Best for the World 2019

August 23, 2019: UCCS Communique
How refilling water bottles can help students pay their tuition
by Kimberly Reeves

May 2019: Aim to Flourish
The PIP Rewards ‘Digital Impact’ Platform
by Larry Clay

April 8, 2019: Forbes
Earth Pay: Colorado Students Can Earn Scholarships For Green Deeds

March 31, 2019: Denver Post
CU Boulder students can earn tuition scholarships riding bikes, volunteering
by Madeline St. Amour

March 31, 2019: Daily Camera
CU Boulder students can earn tuition scholarships riding bikes, volunteering, by Madeline St. Amour

March 2019: CU Boulder Today
How refilling your water bottle can help pay your tuition

January 2019: Solutions Journal, Vol 10, Issue 1
Review of PIPs Rewards: Valuing the Good You Do Every Day

January 10, 2019: CU Leeds School of Business
Alumni Spotlight: Spencer Turk

August 29, 2018: CU Boulder Today
CU Boulder earns STARS Gold rating for sustainability achievement, including Innovations Credit for PIPs Rewards App

December 16, 2016: BardMBA Sustainable Business Fridays Podcast
Completing the Cycle of Good with Positive Impact Points: PIPs Rewards
Interview with Wendy Gordon

August 10, 2016: Home Business Magazine
New Fitness Challenge Mobile Engagement Tool Increases Physical Activity of Employees, Lowers Healthcare Costs
by Wendy Gordon

April 2, 2016: Story of Stuff Blog
Buy a Patagonia Backpack, Rack Up Points, and Donate. Easy, Right?
by Wendy Gordon

October 28, 2015: Huffington Post
Mashup of Tech, Games and Rewards Turns Workplace Fitness into Fun
by Wendy Gordon

April 3, 2015: Triple Pundit
It's Certified Pre-Owned: No, Not the Car, the iPad
by Wendy Gordon

November 24, 2014: Huffington Post
Found Money Buys a Little Happiness
by Wendy Gordon

November 11, 2014: Triple Pundit
Getting a Little Good out of Everyday Choices
by Wendy Gordon

October 8, 2014: Huffington Post Blog
More Space for You, a Second Life for Your Things
by Wendy Gordon

October 3, 2014: The Editor at Large
SFC Promotes Sustainability by Rewarding Donations

October 2, 2014: Homelife
Earn Rewards for Donating Old Furniture
by Karen Sullivan

September 17, 2014: Village Voice
All of Your Problems Solved by These Seven Winning Apps
by Tessa Stuart

September 16, 2014: The Official Website of the City of New York
Press Release: Mayor de Blasio and NYCEDC President Kimball Announce Winners of NYC BigApps 2014

August 19, 2014: AlleyWatch
NYC BigApps Finalist PIPs: The Frequent Flyer Program for Social Good
by AlleyWatch

August 7, 2014: Deseret News
Expo Guests Leave Business Behind for Salt Lake Service Project
by McKenzie Romero

May 16, 2014: Fox Business
Fox Business, the Risk and Rewards Show, with Deirdre Bolton

May, 2014: The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking
Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (p. 61)
by Wendy Gordon