Our Story

You make better choices. You exercise more. You shop smart. You save resources.

You deserve better rewards. Great deals on your favorite beneficial brands. Music downloads. Free nights at eco-resorts. Super easy ways to donate or gift your points to a friend.

With PIPs REWARDS, you get it ALL. Purposeful points for mindful choices. A healthier you and a better world.

That's right. You get PIPs (Positive Impact Points) - a social good currency - simply for making better everyday choices. Why? Because "good behavior should no longer (just) be its own reward."

When a college friend (David Sand), and I (Wendy Gordon), first started musing about PIPs, our impulse thought was: Wouldn't it be nice to get reward points not just for spending money but for spending money wisely and for making other smart choices - like walking or biking to work, opting for renewable energy or a certified pre-owned iPad, or choosing clothes based on where and how they were made?

David is a socially responsible investor, having started his career as the first program officer at CERES. I have been part of the conscious consumer movement, going back to the late '80s when I co-founded Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet with Meryl Streep - and then originated the Green Guide, a digital magazine that encouraged consumers to vote with their dollars for safe and sustainable products.

We knew the power of rewards (Who doesn't love their frequent flyer miles?), and wanted to leverage that power to incentivize positive behaviors. And we couldn't help but get excited by what was going on with mobile games and all the cool new tracking apps and devices. PIPs might one day be the 'go to click' for all positive impact actions, but to really transform our daily behavior, it's got to be super easy, social, and fun.

So to build the PIPs platform, we brought on Yaniv Eyny as founding CTO. Besides being a tech developer, Yaniv has a background in neuroscience, including some experience running a dopamine research lab. You know dopamine, right? It's the reward drug.

Yaniv also happens to be a tracking device aficionado, and excited to see how PIPs can integrate with personal, home and car trackers to recognize, reward and reinforce healthier behaviors.

One other thing makes our story unique: PIPs delivers 360 degrees of good, meaning PIPs are only issued for verifiable positive impact actions, and can only be redeemed for socially beneficial products, services and experiences. This makes our redemption catalog truly special, loaded with cool new gadgets, smart products and services, as well as ways to donate, crowdfund, and invest your PIPs in amazing projects near home and around the world.

This is how our story starts, but from here on, we're looking to you - our community of users and partners, including cities and towns, schools and universities, businesses and NGOs - to make it come to life, to join in the creation of a truly positive impact currency that is ubiquitous in our daily activities and delivers benefits with every action, all while being social, fun and rewarding.

Please join in creating the PIPs story. Share with us news of innovative new products, services, sharing opportunities, self-tracking apps, experiences, and causes. Please alert us to any that you believe have positive impact on mind & body, community and the environment, and steer us clear of those that don't. Tell us about NGOs or community-scale projects you would like to crowdfund with PIPs.

Share all your ideas with us at ideas@pipsrewards.com. Click here if you want to inquire about partnerships. Everybody else: Get PIP'n!