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Whether your aim is to encourage employees to become more physically active, commuters to use public transport, members to make a donation, customers to share rather than buy or all of us to use resources wisely at home and when traveling, PIPs REWARDS provide a low-cost and highly valued incentive for a host of positive behavioral choices.

Use of PIPs Rewards can help your organization:

  • ATTRACT health-minded, experience-seeking, eco-conscious consumers
  • LIFT and SHIFT spending among this valued market segment
  • INCREASE loyalty, reducing churn


Winner of the 2014 BigAppsNYC prize for "Best Game," the PIPs REWARDS platform is what you get when you cross smart rewards with smart tech and behavioral game theory - the only "surprise and delight" engagement platform that delivers beneficial rewards for positive impact actions.

PIPs uses data-intelligence, simple rules and behavioral hacks (social norms, loss aversion, team challenges, goal setting, etc.) to prompt and verify positive behaviors among your target community.

"I love you, PIPs, my very own good karma tracker. I love the meditation apps and braintraining games." - Francesca, NYC


Partners enjoy:

  • A loyalty approach VALUES ALIGNED with a growing global network of beneficial brands and conscious consumers
  • Fast, easy, secure INTEGRATION with PIPs platform; turn key set-up for partners, simple sign-on for users
  • ENTERTAINING UX featuring quality catalog with rewards they'll love, dashboard that tallies real time activity/impact, plus games, challenges and contests
  • MARKETING SERVICES including custom content, personalized messaging to users triggered by actions/achievements, and multi-media marketing strategy

"It's always mattered to me where and how things are made. I love that PIPs rewards me for making better choices." - Gigi, Sag Harbor


The PIPs Platform - functionally a tracking app - provides detailed data analytics allowing partners to better understand how to use the loyalty relationship to drive recurring, sustainable behaviors over the long-term.


So whether yours is a company looking to reduce health insurance costs, a city eager to tame congestion or a retailer, hotel or credit-card issuing bank wanting to attract health-minded, experience-seeking consumers, PIPs REWARDS offers not just an economical way to drive behavior but one that is values-aligned with today's conscious customers and powered by a growing network of responsible brands.

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