About Us

The Team

Wendy Gordon

Co-Founder, CEO

Experienced entrepreneur and pioneer in the conscious consumer movement, Wendy is founder and CEO of 3P Partners. A Certified B Corporation, 3P Partners created a mobile engagement platform that leverages the power of of a rewards currency (called 'Positive Impact Points' or PIPs), smart tools and games to track and reward daily life choices that deliver personal and planetary benefit. 3P's PIPs engagement platform won 'Best Game' prize in BigAppsNYC 2014 competition, the nation's leading civic innovations competition.

Previously, Wendy worked as senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, co-founded Mothers & Others with Meryl Streep and originated the Green Guide, which was acquired by National Geographic in 2007. She has co-authored numerous books, including the award-winning True Food: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthier You (National Geographic, 2009).

Wendy holds a BS in Geological and Geophysical Sciences from Princeton University and an MS in Environmental Health Sciences from the Harvard School of Public Health. She serves on multiple boards including Rainforest Alliance, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Eugene Lang/The New School and Green Sports Alliance.

Yaniv Eyny

Co-founder/Chief Product Owner

A neuroscientist by training and an aficionado in quantified self tracking devices and apps, Yaniv is Chief Product Owner at 3P Partners.

In his former life in academia, Yaniv was research associate in the Neuroscience Dopamine Research Lab at Columbia University, getting a first hand view of reward-motivated behavior. His first job in tech was as a software developer at iVillage.com where he worked together with Evan Sable, a friend from Fair Lawn High School and 3P's founding CTO.

Yaniv and Evan form an incredible team - you hardly know where the one starts and the other ends. They first collaborated on Novelution, a company developing strategic and user-focused products. Then they met Wendy Gordon and the rest is history.

As part of the founding 3P team, Yaniv is excited to be combining his core scientific understanding and technical experience in the development of the PIPs engagement platform, positively reinforcing socially beneficial choices using recognition, rewards and other social game mechanics.

Evan Sable

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer

A true expert at designing and implementing well-architected, flexible software systems, leveraging best-of-breed front-end and backend frameworks, Evan is Chief Technology Officer at 3P Partners.

From Fair Lawn High School where he met Yaniv, 3P's founding CPO, Evan went on to Princeton University (18 years after Wendy) where he graduated with honors, majoring in Computer Science Engineering.

He began his career at iVillage.com and became the senior application developer as well as the technical manager and mentor for his team. From iVillage to Novelution and now 3P Partners, Evan is thrilled to be putting his talents to use engineering PIPs innovative platform-as-a-service in the 'tech for good' space.

Ashley Grosh


A 15 year veteran of one of the worlds largest financial institutions, Ashley's expertise ranges from impact investment strategy/sustainable finance and corporate sustainability to green product development and commercialization efforts for early stage technology companies.

Ashley brings to bear partnerships and deep relationships with key stakeholders from impact investors, industry groups, national labs, universities, think tanks, entrepreneurs, NGO’s and municipal organizations. Her passion is deep rooted in activities that foster the triple bottom line outcomes.